Fabio Lamanna

Transportation Engineering  Transit Map Design  Complex Networks Research

Twitter Users Traces in Madrid, sometime during 2013 | Made w/ Python and pandas Eight Months of Twitter Activity over Geneva | Made w/ Python and CartoDB Deutsche Bahn Railway Network | Made w/ Python and Gephi Berlin Transit Network | Made w/ Python and Gephi


I received the M.Sc. Degree in Civil Engineering (2004) and Ph.D. in Infrastructure, Structure and Transportation Engineering (2008) at University of Trieste, Italy. I am now working as freelance consultant at Public Administrations and private companies on complex tasks about mobility planning.

My working activities are primarily related to: assessment and design of urban street networks; urban planning, modelling, simulation and analysis of transportation networks by means of self-developed tools and through commercial software such as PTV VISUM, PTV VISSIM, OmniTRANS, OpenTrack.

Complex Networks

My research activity goes towards the application and extension of complex networks theories on transportation systems. Some results about railway timetabling have been introduced in conferences about Transportation Engineering (ISTS 2006, INSTR 2007, RAILROME 2011) and Complex Networks (ECCS13, ECCS14).

Social Data Analyses

Since November 2014, I’m keeping on research on data analysis and modelling of urban mobility through social networks language identification and land use patterns at IFISC in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.


Venice is a Tweet

Eight Months of Twitter Activity over Venice