Fabio Lamanna

Transportation Engineering, Transit Map Design, Complex Networks Research


I am currently working as a Freelance Civil Engineer on several projects concerning transportation networks modelling, simulation and visualization.

I have been investigating Complex Networks properties (Small World and Scale-free) of some real transit and urban networks. First results have been developed in my Ph.D. Thesis about a time-related analysis of robustness of the Transit Network of Berlin, taking into account the topology, the frequency and travel times of the services running through it.

New applications about railway timetables analysis and visualization are now under development.

Python Programming

I've been coding tools to analyse and visualize urban transit systems and railway networks, thanks to Opendata and several Python packages (networkx, basemap, numpy...).

Transportation networks are Complex as well, and I'm working on "under the hood" properties of urban transit systems and railway networks by means of centrality measures.

Transit Maps

Complex Networks measures are able to visualize data in a beautiful way. The transit map visualization of Berlin travel times is the first take of a large project. Graph theory, travel times and frequencies of transit systems should soon provide a new way to design, analyse and read transit maps of the world.



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